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Oil-injected Screw Air Compressor

Bolaite provides a wide range of air compressors for customers with special needs. Choose your own compressor.

Ultra-efficient Series

Ultra-efficient VSD

Permanent Magnet VSD

Fixed Speed Series

Low Pressure Series

Laser Cutting Series

Oil-free Screw Air Compressor

Over the past decades, Bolaite has adopted Atlas Copco’s pioneered oil-free technology, resulting in a wide range of compressors delivering 100% oil-free, clean air. Bolaite meets your need for pure oil-free air while offering best-in-class energy efficiency.

Water Lubricated Oil-free Series

Scroll type Oil-free Series

Portable Air Compressor

Portable air compressors are suitable for working sites without a power supply or with short project time. The compressors are fitted with wheels that can be towed directly to your working site and leading to lower operational costs.

Diesel Portable Compressors

Electric Portable Compressors

Air Treatment Equipment

Bolaite offers a wide range of air treatment equipment, dryers, filters, and condensate treatment solutions, extending our premium quality throughout your compressed air system.

Refrigerated Dryers

Desiccant Dryers

Line Filters

Compressed Air Tank

Spare Parts

Bolaite genuine air compressor parts are the only ones that are really designed for your compressor. By keeping your system integrity intact, they ensure the performance level you expect from your equipment.

Filters and Separators

Bolaite Oil Lubricants

Powered by Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco airends

Bolaite air compressors are installed with Atlas Copco’s airends. With more than 150 years of development, the airends (screw elements) have been proven to be the most stable and energy-efficient ones on the compressed air market.

Atlas Copco controller

New generation Atlas Copco’s MK5S touch panel provides advanced monitoring, control and connectivity features that allow you to optimize compressor performance, resources, efficiency and productivity.

Atlas Copco Drive Chain

Oil cooled Permanent Magnet Motor is directly coupled to their airend. Both of these components were designed in-house by Atlas Copco specifically for OPM+ compressor and both have patents pending.