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Bolaite is a subsidiary company of Swedish Atlas Copco Group which provides customers with sustainable productivity solutions. Supported by Atlas Copco with almost 150 years of innovative technologies, tested by Chinese market for over 20 years, Bolaite is now completely ready for international market.

Bolaite serves customers with innovative air compressors and air treatment systems. Products of Air Compressor Techniqes includes oil-free air compressor, industrial air compressors, high-pressure air compressors, air drying handling systems, etc


Bolaite is the perfect choice for your compressed air solution.

Bolaite – a subsidiary company of Atlas Copco Group – is specialized in designing, manufacturing and sales of air compressors and air treatment systems. Through years of efforts, its products have won wide recognition and acclaim from the market, making it one of the leaders in the air compressor industry in China. The company fully complies with international standards in its production and management, and has acquired the (UK) LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance) certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, as well as a variety of other international certificates in terms of environmental protection, safety and electrical engineering.

Our product lines covering the following areas:

  • Oil-injected rotary screw compressors (Fixed speed and variable speed; high, normal and low pressure)
  • Portable screw air compressors (Diesel-powered and electric motor powered)
  • Oil free air compressors (Scroll type, dry type, water-lubricated type)
  • Centrifugal air compressor
  • High pressure piston air compressors (Oil-injected and oil free)
  • Air treatment equipment (Air dryers, air filters and air storage tank)
  • Vacuum pump

Lean Manufacturing from Atlas Copco

Advanced compressor R&D management system

Atlas Copco Bolaite Screw air compressor factory tour

  • Bolaite product design has introduced the advanced R&D and management system of the group company.
  • Each new product needs to go through five stages and more than one thousand processes before it can be serialized.

Advanced standard manufacture management

Atlas Copco Bolaite Screw air compressor factory tour

  • Reasonable process arrangement
  • Quality traceability and responsible personal system
  • The process and quality of each process are controlled

Rigorous factory test procedure before shipping

Atlas Copco Bolaite Screw air compressor factory test

  • Each compressor must undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory and have an independent quality inspection department to monitor the quality.

Professional after-sales maintenance team

Atlas Copco Bolaite Screw air compressor after sales team

  • Bolaite offers a comprehensive range of maintenance services tailored to your equipment, from a single price to a long-term parts supply or a preventive maintenance contract. Through the above contracts, you can enjoy value-added original service and protection, as well as price-competitive parts diagnosis and update. We also provide energy-saving solutions such as energy recovery, frequency conversion, energy-saving optimization systems, etc., which can greatly reduce your production costs.

Original spare parts for the highest performance

Atlas Copco Bolaite Screw air compressor original spare parts

  • All Bolaite original spare parts have undergone laboratory tests and on-site endurance tests to demonstrate that they meet specific technical requirements under all conditions. Only the use of original Bolaite spare parts can guarantee the stability and reliability of the operation of the air compressor. Once interrupted, it will seriously threaten the normal operation of the air compressor, which will affect the user’s production schedule, production quality and operational efficiency.

Production process

Get our engineers to help

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If a day, or week, in your facility is anything like a racetrack – you need to adjust your compressor’s speed to be efficient and succeed in your goals. That’s where VSD, or Variable Speed Drive, comes in!