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The History of Bolaite Air Compressor

Bolaite compressor which has 20 years of production experience in the air compressor industry, is widely accepted by customers as the leading manufacturer of air compressors.  Since being acquired by Atlas Copco in 2006, Bolaite has adopted Atlas Copco’s 150 years of leading manufacturing experience. Bolaite then acquired the (UK) LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance) certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. Three lean production lines have been set for operation. With these fundamental changes, Now Bolaite air compressor has the same quality as Atlas Copco, and BLT S series even achieve first-class energy efficiency.

Bolaite air compressor

Product launch-ultra efficient BLT S PM+ series
ultra efficient VSD PM Atlas Copco Bolaite BLT screw air compressors

BLT S PM+ 110-280kW, permanent magnet VSD series screw air compressor. national first-class energy efficient.

Product launch-16 bar screw air compressor for laser cutting equipment
laser cutting air compressor Atlas Copco Bolaite BLT screw air compressors

To better fit with the laser cutting equipment’s requirement on high pressure, Bolaite relased 16 bar compressors BLT15-30A.

Product launch- BLT L low pressure series
Atlas Copco Bolaite BLT L low pressure 5 bar screw air compressors

BLT L series – 5 bar low-pressure air compressors, installed with Atlas Copco airends, energy-efficient increases 25%.

Product launch-new series BLT-50AG
Atlas Copco Bolaite BLT screw air compressors

From research and development to testing are strictly adhered to Atlas Copco Group CTP development process, after 33 rigorous testings, the new models have reached the industry’s advanced standards.

Product launch-BLT series upgraded product line launched
new product air compressor Atlas Copco Bolaite BLT screw air compressors

To meet customer’s demand on quality and energy efficiency, upgraded new BLT series launched with Atlas Copco newly designed airends and MK5 control system.

Production Center(PC) in Wuxi
Bolaite air compressor factory wuxi pan asia

Relocated to Wuxi, develop compressed air after-treatment equipment production, registered as Pan-Asia.

Formally renamed Bolaite (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd.
Atlas Copco Bolaite screw air compressor

In 2011, The company was formally renamed Bolaite (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd.

Wholly-owned Acquisition By Atlas Copco
Bolaite air compressor acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary by Atlas Copco

In 2006, The company was acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary by Atlas Copco Group, and was renamed Shanghai Baolete Compressor Co., Ltd.

Establishment of the Company
Atlas Copco Bolaite Screw air compressor factory tour

Shanghai Bolaite Compressor Co., Ltd. was established in 1999.