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Bolaite Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressors – Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
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May 9, 2023

Bolaite Oil-free scroll air compressors are a new generation of air compressors developed based on oil-injected scroll air compressors. By changing the sealing structure, the oil lubrication and oil separation system are canceled, so that the compressed air can be directly discharged without oil. content. Oil-free scroll air compressors have the characteristics of oil-free, pollution-free, low noise, low energy consumption, small size, lightweight, stable operation and high reliability. They are widely used in electronics, food, textiles, precision instruments, medical treatment, etc. The industry provides high-quality compressed air. The oil-free scroll air compressor has the following technical characteristics:

1. Oil-free: Adopt dry scroll compression structure, cancel oil lubrication system and oil separation device, the discharge compressed air is 100% oil-free, which can meet the requirements of high-purity compressed air.

2. Energy saving: The dry compression structure has less compressed air energy loss. The oil-free scroll air compressor has a lower energy consumption ratio under the same conditions.

3. Environmental protection: There is no oil and pollutant emissions, no oil mist, and it is an environmentally friendly product.

4. Low noise: Due to the dry compression structure, there is no oil separator and muffler, so the noise level is lower.

5. Stable operation: Scroll compression technology, few moving parts, stable operation. 6. Low maintenance cost: No need to change oil and oil filter, low maintenance cost. 7. Compact structure: Scroll compression structure is small in size, light in weight, and the air compressor occupies a small area.

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