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Tailor-made for your operational requirements

With help of Atlas Copco’s several years of experience on developing cutting edge technology on compressors, Bolaite has designed a unique additive package that enables the lubricants to work in harmony with all other components in the compressor. With extended service intervals of up to 4 000 hours when operating in mild conditions, Rotair is a combination of a premium mineral base fluid with an enhanced additive package to allow your compressor to operate in dusty and humid conditions and keeping your system deposit free. The tailor made viscosity (55mm²/s) together with specially designed anti wear additives provides your compressor the right lubrication for rotors, bearings and gears for a wide spread of operating conditions.

High resistance against oxidation
Resistance against heavy pollution, high operating temperatures and high humidity.

Perfect sealing and anti wear properties
Anti-wear additives are developed to protect the rotating parts. This will also help seal the gaps between the rotors when the air is in the compression phase.

Oil system free of deposits
High oxidation resistance of the base fluid in combination with specially designed antioxidant additives will avoid formation of lacquer or sludge when operating in specified conditions.