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Air Filtration

Bolaite High Efficiency Filters

Compressed air contains oil, solid particles and water vapors. Together, they form an abrasive, often acidic, oily sludge. Without air treatment, this murky mix will enter the compressed air system, corroding pipe work, damaging pneumatic tools and potentially compromising final products. To protect the air system, BLT offers a wide selection of filtration solutions and application knowledge

On the Whole

Compact size
High efficiency
Designed for 24/7 duty cycle
Minimum maintenance required


Look Closer

Imported multi-layer glass fiber filter
Low pressure drop
Outstanding filtration effect
Stable performance

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    High efficiency

    • Imported multi-layer glass fiber filter
    • High efficiency decontamination ability
    • Low pressure loss
    • Outstanding filtration effect

    Long service life

    • Stable performance and long service life
    • Both inner and outer filter elements are treated with anti-corrosion treatment

    Premium reliability

    • Compact, lightweight, easy to install and maintain
    • Comprehensive air quality assures system reliability
    • BLE series filter equipped with differential pressure indicator and zero-loss automatic drain valve
    BLD matched BLR matched Capacity (m3/min) Connections Dimensions (mm) Free space for replacement
    BLE9 BLF9 0.9 3/8″ 417x106x96 228
    BLE18 BLF18 1.8 1/2″ 417x106x96 228
    BLE25 BLF25 2.5 1/2″ 417x106x96 283
    BLE35 BLF35 3.5 1″ 436x148x121 303
    BLE60 BLF60 6.0 1″ 436x148x121 343
    BLE105 BLF105 10.5 1 1/2″ 630x180x152 449
    BLE140 BLF140 14.0 1 1/2″ 630x180x152 532
    BLE175 BLF175 17.5 1 1/2″ 630x180x152 532
    BLE260 BLF260 26.0 2″ 720x212x190 618
    BLE380 BLF380 38.0 3″ 820x240x230 720
    BLE490 BLF490 49.0 3″ 990x240x230 890


    Maximum inlet pressure: 16bar

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