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Screw Air Compressors

Quality you can count on

Screw air compressors typically are used for continuous, commercial and industrial applications. A rotary screw air compressor is a positive displacement equipment which includes a pair of matching helical rotors. Air fills the space between the rotors and, as they rotate, the volume between them and the surrounding housing decreases, compressing the air into a smaller space.

Variable Speed Drive

Adust motor speed to your air demand, reduce your costs from heavy electrical bills. Check out our options for you.

Fixed Speed Drive

Simple and robust design suitable for your constant air demand workflow. Learn more about our options.

Low Pressure Compressors

3.5-5.5bar low pressure screw air compressors for optimal efficiency.

Laser Cutting Compressors

16 bar high pressure screw air compressor for laser cutting machine.

What we can provide with Bolaite?

The Smart Solution For Your Compressed Air System

Compressed air is the fourth utility of your factory, Bolaite helps to take care of your compressed air system to meet its best efficiency. Apart from the screw compressors, Bolaite could provide you with the whole system solution. Supported by Atlas Copco, Bolaite screw compressors will provide you with a compact, reliable and energy efficient solution.


Available in Variable Speed and Fixed Speed

if you need a constant air supply to your system, a fixed speed air compressor could be the right choice. but if your compressed air system is fluctuated from time to time, the best option to reduce your electrical bills is to choose variable speed drive screw compressors. This type of compressor helps to minimize energy consumption by automatically adjusting speed to air demand.


Atlas Copco High Quality Components Installed

As the subsidiary of Atlas Copco, Bolaite could use the resources provided by Atlas Copco, high quality components are the most important part of this convenience. Running and tested by Atlas Copco’s equipment for years, Bolaite has installed the most high quality components on the market to support the equipment. 

Atlas Copco airend

With 150 years of development, Atlas Copco airends are time-proven the best quality and high energy efficient product in the compressed air industry. Choose best quality airend product to help with your production. 

Oil cooled PM motor

Oil cooled Permanent Magnet Motor is directly coupled to their airend. Both of these components were designed in-house by Atlas Copco specifically for OPM+ compressor and both have patents pending.

Atlas Copco controller

New generation Atlas Copco’s MK5S touch panel provides advanced monitoring, control and connectivity features that allow you to optimize compressor performance, resources, efficiency and productivity.