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Variable speed drive (VSD)

Energy saved for next generations

Bolaite provides you with high-quality variable speed drive-VSD screw air compressors to bring down your operating costs in the whole compressor working life. Choose a screw air compressor with different models and sizes to fit your production.

BLT OPM+ 10-175

Bolaite oil cooled PM VSD provides you longest working life.

BLT S PM+ 10-200HP

Save your energy to the extreme! 

TH PM 10-100HP

With less investment, enjoy high quality compressors.

What we can provide with Bolaite?

Atlas Copco airend

With 150 years of development, Atlas Copco airends are time-proven the best quality and high energy efficient product in the compressed air industry. Choose best quality airend product to help with your production. 

Oil cooled PM motor

Oil cooled Permanent Magnet Motor is directly coupled to their airend. Both of these components were designed in-house by Atlas Copco specifically for OPM+ compressor and both have patents pending.

Atlas Copco controller

New generation Atlas Copco’s MK5S touch panel provides advanced monitoring, control and connectivity features that allow you to optimize compressor performance, resources, efficiency and productivity.

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