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Oil cooled s PM VSD

1st level efficient motor

Altas Copco Parts

High energy efficient

Need the same quality products as Atlas Copco? Need VSD screw air compressor for your production? Afraid of the demagnetization of PM motor? All your needs and concerns are solved by Bolaite air compressor. Bolaite uses Atlas Copco new technology in the PM motors to provide you the highest energy efficiency and stable screw air compressors. Check out what Bolaite could provide to you.


Bolaite S PM screw air compressor could bring you:

  • High energy efficient
  • Reliable core components
  • Premium synthetic fluid
  • Standard quiet enclosure
  • Designed for 24/7 duty cycle
  • Wide range of working pressure and capacity

Years of technical improvement

Years of production

Days of performance care

Atlas Copco airend

With 150 years of development, Atlas Copco airends are time-proven the best quality and high energy efficient product in the compressed air industry. Choose best quality airend product to help with your production. 

Oil cooled PM motor

Oil cooled Permanent Magnet Motor is directly coupled to their airend. Both of these components were designed in-house by Atlas Copco specifically for OPM+ compressor and both have patents pending.

Atlas Copco controller

New generation Atlas Copco’s MK5S touch panel provides advanced monitoring, control and connectivity features that allow you to optimize compressor performance, resources, efficiency and productivity.

Which air compressor best suits you?

Max. working pressure

6-13 bar

Capacity FAD*

0.29-33 m3/min

Installed motor power*

7.5-160 kw 

On the Whole

  • Low oil carryover
  • Easy maintenance
  • Robust design
  • Standard quiet enclosure
  • Designed for 24/7 duty cycle
  • Wide range of working pressure and capacity

Look Closer

  • VSD drive
  • Oil cooled PM motor
  • High efficiency intake filter
  • SKF bearing
  • Atlas Copco control system
  • SAP patented line for high efficiency

Outstanding Energy Efficiency; Consistent Performance

Installed with high quality Atlas Copco airend(screw element)

Atlas Copco Bolaite airend screw element
    • The heart of the compressor-airend(screw element) is installed with Atlas Copco. With Atlas Copco high quality and high-performance airend, Bolaite air compressor could keep your compressed air system running efficiently, effectively and operating at full capacity.

Strictly Follows European Industrial Design and Testing Standards

Atlas Copco Bolaite Screw air compressor product line
    Following Atlas Copco’s excellent design capability and abundant experience for air compressors, Bolaite compressor keeping the best balance between performance and cost. The strict development process and testing standards which have been formed with reference to the Atlas Copco’s experience accumulated over decades, ensure reliable quality of every Bolaite air compressor.

ISO International Standard Quality Management System

Atlas Copco Bolaite Screw air compressor ISO International Standard Quality Management System
  • Bolaite air compressors are kept in strict conformity with the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards from design, manufacturing to assembly, so as to ensure stable operation of the compressor, and thus the interests of the user in the long run.
  • Benefiting from the Atlas Copco’s history and technical experience for over 140 years, and designed specifically for the variety of complex climates and poor working conditions in China, every BLT-series air compressor provides the best quality assurance.
Model Pressure (bar) Capacity FAD Motor power Weight Air outlet Dimensions (mm) Water inlet/outlet
Min. Max. m3/min kW kg LxWxH
BLT-10A S PM+ 6 13 0.29-1.20 7.5 230 G 3/4“ 1100x850x1080  
BLT-15A S PM+ 6 13 0.38-1.81 11 231 G 3/4“ 1100x850x1080  
BLT-20A S PM+ 6 13 0.5-2.2 15 241 G 3/4“ 1100x850x1080  
BLT-25A S PM+ 6 13 0.7-3.4 18.5 313 G 1“ 1250x950x1180  
BLT-30A S PM+ 6 13 0.7-3.8 22 321 G 1“ 1250x950x1180  
BLT-40A S PM+ 6 13 1.4-5.7 30 412 G 1 1/2“ 1330x950x1200  
BLT-50A S PM+ 6 13 1.9-6.4 37 413 G 1 1/2“ 1330x950x1200  
BLT-60A S PM+ 6 13 1.6-8.6 45 733 G 1 1/2“ 1723x980x1600  
BLT-75A S PM+ 6 13 1.6-11.4 55 932 G 2“ 2210x1060x1600  
BLT-100A S PM+ 6 13 1.7-13.3 75 973 G 2“ 2210x1060x1600  
BLT-100A S PM++ 6 13 3.3-15.4 75 1020 G 2“ 2254x1060x1600  
BLT-120A S PM+ 6 13 3.8-18.0 90 1040 G 2“ 2254x1060x1600  
BLT-150A/W S PM+ 6 10.5 5.9-23.3 110 2370/2270 DN80 2880x1754x1930 G 1 1/4“
BLT-175A/W S PM+ 6 10.5 5.9-27.3 132 2420/2310 DN80 2880x1754x1930 G 1 1/4“
BLT-200A/W S PM+ 6 10.5 5.8-33.0 160 3260/3050 DN100 3602x2104x2023 G 2“

Unit performance measured according to ISO 1217, Annex C, Edition 4:2009.

Values determined according to noise level test code ISO 2151 and noise measurement standard ISO 9614.

Atlas Copco Liutech Bolaite TH Tihawk air compressor blt S PM+ pm efficient compressor catalog

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