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Portable Air Compressor

Portable air compressors are suitable for working site that without power supply or with short project time. The compressors are fitted with wheels that can be towed directly to your working site.
The portable air compressors are specially built for the following applications: general construction; ground engineering drilling; utility, abrasive blasting; blast hole drilling and high pressure drilling.

Diesel Portable Air compressor

Just like the stationary screw air compressors, diesel portable air compressors have the same working principles. Instead of using motors, they equipped with diesel engine to drive the compressor. Thus, the compressors can be towed to the working field and working without electrical supply. Liutech diesel portable air compressors have a wide range of supplies that fit for your requirements.

  • Most versatile range
  • Atlas Copco’s smart controller
  • Easy to operate
  • Lowest total cost of ownershi

Electric Portable Air compressor

Your remote working fields need compressed air but low noise and no emissions are required, the electric portable air compressor can fully meet your needs. Combining mobility and environmental friendly motors, electric portable air compressor is the perfect choice for rental services and customer sites.

  • Low noise
  • Simple service
  • Tough performer
  • Environmental friendly