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Atlas Copco airend will provide you with the strongest heart for your compressed air system

Heart to Heart

We are all familiar with the concept that the compressor airend or sometimes called screw elements, is the heart of the compressor equipment. As the importance of the heart to our body. With younger and stronger hearts, we could have enough strength to finish the heaviest tasks.

The Basics of Airend

As pointed by Fleming, Tang and Cook, 1998, screw air compressors are one of the success stories of the 20th century. Its reliable performance, easy maintenance and long working life has become the main technology of the compressed air industry. And for air compressors, the rotor profile of the airend is the basic foundation of the equipment. 

A typical screw rotor profile is shown in Fig. 2 with their sealing lines, as well as the clearance distribution, scaled 50 times between two rotor racks in the transverse cross section are presented far above.

Atlas Copco Liutech Bolaite air compressor blt l 3.5-5.5 bar low pressure screw air compressor rotor

Fig 2 Screw rotor profile: 1-main, 2-gate, 3-rotor external and 4-pitch circles, 5-sealing line, 6-clearance distribution and 7-rotor flow area between the rotors and housing

Morden compressor profiles are improved from primary profile curves. By decades of development, Atlas Copco has engineered its unique rotor profile, known as SAP profile. This 4/6 profile has managed to balance the large flow cross section area, short sealing line and small blow-hole area, proven to have very high energy efficiency. The larger the cross section area the higher the flow rate for the same rotor sizes and rotor speeds. Shorter sealing lines and a smaller blow-hole reduce leakages. Higher flow and smaller leakage rates both increase the compressor volumetric efficiency, which is the rate of flow delivered as a fraction of the sum of the flow plus leakages.

Atlas Copco 4/6 SAP profile

                                     Atlas Copco 4/6 SAP profile

How to Choose

The compressor technology or the rotor profile improvement could take decades or generations, as customers, we could not wait to buy until the technology has developed to its best. We could take advantage of the technical improvements made by big companies, such as Atlas Copco. With their years of study and field tests, we could rely on these results. This is how you could choose the compressor supplier that could save you money and leave you with no worries.

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